B+ Heals Poisoned Apiaries!

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Janos Balint, a beekeeper from Zrenjanin, started using B+ on the bee colonies which had been visibly weakened due to sunflower poisoning. He moved the poisoned apiary next to an apiary which had been intact and which, as a result, had been more dominant in terms of bees and broods.

The result of feeding the weakened apiary B+ was the aforementioned apiary becoming more dominant than the apiary which had not been weakened by the effect of pesticides, after the winter. Pleased by the effect achieved, Janos started giving the supplement to nucleus colonies as well, after which he found that B+ contributes to their faster development too!

Uros Ekmecic is a beekeeper from Sabac, who had a problem with honey bees which had been weakened by a case of poisoning. Having been fed B+ throughout the summer, the weakened bee colonies ended up fully recovered for the winter!