Honey Bees Much More Active After B+!

By beestingdoo,

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I’ve used a syrup supplemented with B+ 2 times already. After the 1-st time I didn’t find the time to follow up on the effects.

I would like to mention that I wasn’t satisfied with my apiary’s condition, seeing it as I hadn’t found the time to do the usual things in 2 months, due to my professional obligations. On Saturday, 03/10/2020, I was torn apart between going to the Taš Beekeeping Fair, in Belgrade, and going to the apiary.

Eventually, I decided to go to the apiary. I prepared the 2-nd round of the syrup, adding 2 packages of B+ to 75 liters of it, which is about 2.5 times more than the recommended dose. When I went to the apiary yesterday, 04/10/2020, I was in for a surprise…The bees were incredibly active and were behaving as if the acacia or the linden pasture were about to start. They were bringing pollen and were mostly going toward the Palić area, whereas very few were flying toward the Hungarian border and our Hajdukovačka Forest.

The cakes I will be using at the end of February and the beginning of March will definitely be supplemented with B+!


Živoslav Stojanović


Palić, Serbia