The company Bee Sting represents a novelty and a breath of fresh air on the market for honey bee preparations. Our “beehive”, as we affectionately call it, is an extension of the company Veting which has been selling high-quality veterinary products in Serbia and the region for almost two decades.

Unlike Veting, however, whose products are made for cattle and poultry farming, Bee Sting’s focus is on beekeeping exclusively. The company’s offering is developed in association with competent and proven experts in the field. This is why our first product, the revolutionary honey bee nutrition supplement B+, came as a result of the wide knowledge and extensive experience of prof. dr. sci. vet. med. Vladimir Mladjan who earned his PhD credentials from honey bee diseases and whose wish is to improve the quality of honey bee colonies not only in Serbia, but outside it as well.

So, we have it all - the knowledge, the experience, the quality, as well as the capacity to answer all of your questions and meet all of your demands. All you need to do is recognize the true value of what we have to offer and then contact us with a clear order in mind. Keep the buzz going!