What Is B+?

B+ is a supplement based on scientific knowledge, which enables honey bees a quick source of energy.

It is a completely natural preparation within which wheat bran, beer yeast, etheric oil, cinnamon and dextrose are mixed together. It contains lecithin, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, natural protein, betaine, vitamins and minerals.

Why B+?

B+, aside from acting as an antidepressant and an antioxidant, contributes significantly to:

  • faster development of honey bee colonies;
  • better wintering;

  • a longer lifespan;
  • easier production of queen bees, bee swarms and wax;
  • a bigger honey yield;
  • a stronger immunity;
  • the creation of a quality fat-protein body;
  • the creation of the cell membrane;
  • the proper functioning of cells and organs.

The scientific testing of B+ was carried out at The University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The price of one 50-g package of B+ amounts to 600 RSD or 5 EUR. You can order B+ via the e-mail address and the phone numbers on our contact page which also contains a form for instant ordering of the supplement.

How Is B+ Administered?

B+ is very simple to use - 1g of the supplement is added to 1l of freshly made sugar syrup or 1kg of sugar cake.

Although raw material leftovers in the form of crumbs can appear in the syrup, there’s nothing to worry about as this is a normal occurrence in the case of every suspension.