The Scale Shows a Plus After B+!

By beestingdoo,

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I started out feeding 8 honey bee colonies, which is 1 row in my 32-beehive box, type local. Right away, I noticed, with my naked eye, certain liveliness in the beehives. It wasn’t that usual liveliness which occurs during syrup feeding, and which lasts for a short period of time. This one continued throughout the following day! That made me feed a colony which is on the scale all the time B+ as well.

I have to provide a small explanation here: in the area I’m from, at this time of year, the scale usually shows a minus of 100 to 300 grams, even when the weather conditions are favorable, as it’s been the case for more than a month. Another scale, which I have in my village, has confirmed this.

The same way I fed the scaled colony in the beehive box, I fed the scaled colony at home. The next day I noticed that the scales were showing a plus! I thought that I might have miscalculated the added amount of syrup. So, I repeated the procedure – the same outcome! Another day – again, a plus of about 100 grams! The next day I didn’t feed the colonies, but the scales were still showing a plus!

Now I feed all of my honey bee colonies B+!


Dušan Lazić


Vojka, Serbia