The Effects of B+ Positive on Multiple Levels!

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The clinical trials for B+, both in laboratory and field conditions, were carried out in the Department of Biology of the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, under the supervision of prof. dr. Zoran Stanimirovic. The laboratory conditions included testing the supplement on a sample of 1.500 honey bees. Preliminary results indicate a positive effect of B+ on honey bees’ life expectancy/survival rate.

The survival rate of honey bees in the group affected by the microsporidian Nosema ceranae, which had been given B+, was 13.8% higher compared to the group of honey bees which had also been affected by Nosema ceranae spores, but which had been given sugar syrup only. What’s more, as it turned out, B+ had also contributed to a reduction in the number of Nosema ceranae spores!

The honey yield of the bee colonies which had been fed B+ was 14.7% bigger than that of the bee colonies which had received sugar syrup only!